A smile is worth …


When you stumble across an ad as well executed as this one, it’s easy to just start passing out platinum nominations. So in resisting our natural temptation, we took a step back and checked in with our resident Gelotology expert. And … as we had hoped, Chet’s legit! It turns out that we are all born with 18 different kinds of smiles, which we use in a variety of different situations. Who would’ve guessed it?

And, here’s another fun fact for you: smiling releases endorphins that make you feel better. We’re feeling pretty good Chet, and so should you. You just got yourself a shiny new platinum nomination and (drum roll please) a ½ hour session with the folks at Glamour Shots.

Chet, when have a moment, zip us over a snapshot of those pearly whites with your new nomination in hand.

A Beautiful Mind

laurel_coyle_billboardLaurel, it’s your lucky day! It just happens that a good friend of the Real”ad”tor team is also a professor of applied mathematics at MIT. So naturally, we asked him to take your advice, crunch the numbers and do the math. And, guess what he came up with? You guessed it — Laurel Coyel + Spectacular Ad = Gold. Nomination that is.

Got Talent!

got-realtorThank you, thank you, thank you Linda. Finally! We’ve waited patiently for someone to have the vision to exploit those two simple words that have transformed the entire dairy industry. Just a slight modification and Voilå! You did it! And, let’s be honest, how many people have really seen the “other” campaign anyway? Plus, it just makes a ton of sense grammatically. Got Realtor? Yes we do … we got you. Guess what you got Linda? You got yourself a silver nomination.

The Parody Twins


Who doesn’t love a good ad parody? We can’t get enough of them. Especially when it involves such a timeless movie classic as Twins! From all accounts it appears that The Realtor Twins (clever) pulled this one off without a hitch. The extra zinger, “ONLY THEIR BROKER CAN TELL THEM APART” sealed the deal for me. Mother … Broker. HA. We get it guys. BRILLIANT!

So listen up nominee hopefuls: the twins have just set the bar. Time to step it up.

Platinum nomination on its way, no questions asked!

Beer and Brats


Oh no you di’int. You had to bring the land of 11,842 lakes and, more importantly, the home of the Real”ad”tor headquarters into the ad, didn’t you? Well Sconi’s, I have to give it to you, get a couple-two-tree Miller Lites in ya and doze creative juices start flowing. They said: you had 3 seconds to grab their attention. You said: Cripes-sake, doze guys don’t know what dere talking ‘bout. They said: keep the URL short. You said: oh, yah, right! If you had chosen your neighbors to the south, you would have gotten gold. Instead, you had to make it personal, and for that you get nut’in. Good day!


reginarealestateWhat if I told you that an entire office of Century 21 agents came together and developed a masterpiece? Impossible … right? Guess again my friend, the brain trust over at Conexus Reality has managed to get not one, not two, but 18 award winning realtors into just one page. WOW! And, the best part is: they did it their way. That’s right; forget every rule Ogilvy ever taught you about simple eye flow, because they’re reinventing the rules. As tempted as I am to give the whole group top prize, it’s only fair to highlight the stars of this show:

Francine Gross
Francine Gross

Francine Gross – The future looks bright my dear, that key you possess just unlocked a gold nomination. Bravo!

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert
Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert – Genius & Genius. Silver & Silver. These guys figured out what the rest of us have been struggling with for years. Here it goes: All you need to be successful in this business is a name. Not that you need them guys, but two silver nominations are on their way.

Terry Hincks – “Come, Lord Terry, be our guest, and let thy house to us be blessed.” Amen Terry, we feel the power. Your gold nomination is in the offering dish.

Terry Hincks
Terry Hincks

And, we’ve saved the best for last.
Mr. Stew Fettes, you define success! Not only have you stolen the spotlight with your oversized 1/3-page magnum opus, but you also knew just the right words to highlight in red: “Give Stew a call”. Smart Stew, very smart! Someone got an “A” in color theory. If we could give you in “A” we would, the best we can do is a Platinum nomination. Now go get that #3 in Canada spot Stew!

Mr. Stew Fettes