reginarealestateWhat if I told you that an entire office of Century 21 agents came together and developed a masterpiece? Impossible … right? Guess again my friend, the brain trust over at Conexus Reality has managed to get not one, not two, but 18 award winning realtors into just one page. WOW! And, the best part is: they did it their way. That’s right; forget every rule Ogilvy ever taught you about simple eye flow, because they’re reinventing the rules. As tempted as I am to give the whole group top prize, it’s only fair to highlight the stars of this show:

Francine Gross
Francine Gross

Francine Gross – The future looks bright my dear, that key you possess just unlocked a gold nomination. Bravo!

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert
Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert – Genius & Genius. Silver & Silver. These guys figured out what the rest of us have been struggling with for years. Here it goes: All you need to be successful in this business is a name. Not that you need them guys, but two silver nominations are on their way.

Terry Hincks – “Come, Lord Terry, be our guest, and let thy house to us be blessed.” Amen Terry, we feel the power. Your gold nomination is in the offering dish.

Terry Hincks
Terry Hincks

And, we’ve saved the best for last.
Mr. Stew Fettes, you define success! Not only have you stolen the spotlight with your oversized 1/3-page magnum opus, but you also knew just the right words to highlight in red: “Give Stew a call”. Smart Stew, very smart! Someone got an “A” in color theory. If we could give you in “A” we would, the best we can do is a Platinum nomination. Now go get that #3 in Canada spot Stew!

Mr. Stew Fettes

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