Money Shot

marketing-bus-benchMr. Watson, you dog! Woof, woof! You da man Wats. We’re not worthy … we’re not worthy. Alright, we got it out of our system, now let’s move on to the real beauty — your bus bench ad.

Interesting thing we noticed, the word “Class” (which, by the way, you define!) is made up of five letters, which also happens to be the same number of stars that represent your level of service. What’s even more interesting, we just happened to stumble across this adult maidservant ensemble from Costume Kingdom that also offers five-star service. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Yes indeedy Wats (can I call you Wats?), to say we were impressed would be the understatement of the year. Let’s just say, the money shot alone earns you and the girls a silver nomination.

2 thoughts on “Money Shot

  1. “Love service”??? I thought this was an outcall service, rather then a real estate broker and his . . . staff . . . posing a question.

    I’ve got a question my dang self: Is that a BLONDE Kim Kardassian?

    (Yeah, I know . . . it’s Kardashian . . . SUE ME!!)

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