Twitter Is a Realtor’s World, We Just Tweet in It

And now, for a brief intermission from

Earlier this month, Marissa Miley rocked the world of real estate with her eye-opening piece on real-estate companies using the web to promote their business. As someone who “just can’t let go” of print, I found myself in tears by the end of her article, simply by the mere thought of my beloved real-estate advertisers moving away from bus benches and billboards. Rather than curling up in the fetal position and crying myself to sleep, I’ve decided to give this web thing a look-see and explore what real-estate pros are doing on Twitter. Below are just a few of my observations:

Best of Show

mazadArf! Arf! OMG Deb, they are soooo cute! Give me some Sweet n’ Sour sauce, and I could just gobble them up. No, I’m only kidding Deb. But seriously, you three are so photogenic!

As many of you might suspect, our little dog lover is not only a real”ad”tor superstar, she and the pooches have also made quite a name for themselves over at the Westminster Kennel Club (or as those on the inside like to call it, WKC). When Deborah and her crew are not on the agility course training for the next grueling competition, you’ll most likely find her crafting her next great advertising concept. And, as you can see, she’s no slouch at that either.

Deb, let me make sure I got your (catchy) email address correct, deborah.cacciapuoti (at) Alright, I’m stuffing the original platinum nomination files (fonts and images included) and sending it electronically. That way, your dogs can’t eat it.

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Curious Foursome

curious-sceneAccompanying this (sexy) ad was a small leaflet that contained the following message:

Attractive foursome seeking a fifth wheel. We’d like someone curious, between the ages of 25–26. Must be willing to participate in nude buyer/seller role play, nude condo showings, nude closings and the occasional game of “what does yours look like?”.

Obviously I’m joking people, come on. There was no leaflet — I made that up. I’m jealous, alright? I mean, I’m in advertising, why can’t I come up with this stuff? I guess that’s why realtors are the stars of this show.

But look, some may say that desperate times call for desperate measures. But, this is not one of those times. Do you see any desperation in those adorable faces? No. This was a well thought-out, flawlessly-executed advertising strategy seasoned with some sandwich action. GENIUS! Let’s face it, sex sells. And, what says sex more than two guys looking more than pleased with each other? If we had the answer people, we’d be on the other side of the “Curious?” sign. Platinum nomination for all of you, coated with a special spermicide — just in case.

A big thank you goes out to Vancouver Condo Info for this free peep show.

You are so Beautiful

6a00e3982061da88330105354cd660970c-piLet’s be honest, life as a realtor isn’t always champagne toasts and cheese n’ cracker platters. With the market the way it is today, even the agents at the top of their game (a.k.a. Janis Powers) need a little self-assurance. So when our friend, Skip Anderson, sent us this obvious cry for help, we knew exactly what we had to do.

Mrs. Janis Powers, this goes out to you my dear:

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can’t you see
Your everything I hoped for
Your everything I need
You are so beautiful to me

Now stiffin’ up that lip, stand up straight and go get ‘em tiger, we’ve got a platinum nomination waiting for you.

If any of you real”ad”tor fan faithfuls have any lasting words of wisdom for our dear friend, please speak your mind. She can use your support in her time of need.

A special thanks to Skip Anderson for bringing our attention to this urgent situation.

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Endless Love

elainemarak… And, YES
You’ll be the only one
‘Cause NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And I’ll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

OK, the mood is set. Now, please close your eyes for a moment (yeah, don’t make this complicated, just let someone else read it to you) and imagine you’re driving down central avenue, windows are down (because the a/c is busted and it’s 93 degrees), the wind is blowing ever-so-violently through your hair and the kids are screaming in the back seat. As you screech to a sudden stop at the fourth stop light you’ve missed in four blocks you notice a twinkling, glittery SOLD sign from the corner of your eye. Elaine Marak has done it again! She’s managed to wash away your troubles and get a “few” plugs in, while she’s at it. That’s our Elaine, she’s a real people pleaser. You want the time, she’s got it. How ‘bout the temperature — of course. Website, phone number, testimonials, picture … it’s all there for you on the corner of central and heaven avenue. And, if you can’t take it all in the first time you see it? No worries, just loop back around and read it again.

Yes indeed, Elaine is on her game. Mrs. Marak, it’s time to feather your hair, put on your gown and join us at the gold nomination banquet.


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The Guy’s Guy

mm-realestateNo no Mark, you’re the man! In fact, I’m just dying to give you a fist bump explosion. Since I can’t, let me just give you a little shout out: MM IS IN THE HOUSE!

Yeah folks, let me tell ya, everyone in the office loves Double M. From the moment he rolls in, he’s giving Johnny boy the 1,2 punch on the shoulder, Mary gets the slap on the rear, the Tomster gets the “Top Gun” high five, low five and Schmitz gets the chest bump. Am I jealous? Yeah, of course I am. I’d love to be called D-man and start my day with a double high-five from Marky Mark. But, I was dealt a different hand, and I’m dealing with that. Meanwhile, I have the good fortune of witnessing Mark’s other talent — copywriting and ad design.

His latest creation is this two-tone masterpiece. He lures you in with his opening statement, “Put a working man to work for you!”, but he endears you to him with his charming, yet highly-seductive profile shot. We love it Mark! Enjoy your Platinum nomination, or as you may put it, P-money nomination. Damn you’re cool!

Poker Face

Jack-Ouellette1-390x281Hey Jack, comfy? Man, you look good propped up there on that premium hand. But, how in the world did you manage to sit still long enough to get this shot (which is money by the way!) with that jack up your crack? OUCH!

Oh, I just got it, Jack is your name. Ah ha! Very clever my man. But wait, what if that new young gun named Ace, with his skin tight Hollister shirt, comes along and poses on 4 of a kind? Logically speaking, going with Ace would be less of a gamble than going with Jack, right? It’s a shame your name wasn’t Royal, than you’d have the nuts.

Regardless, the message is clear and the statement is strong. To put this in terms you’ll understand: we just went all in with our gold nomination, you called and won with the best hand. Good luck, it was nice playing with you!

The Magic Touch

billboard-2Hey, wait, didn’t you play Muriel in, “It could happen to you”? Well … kudos, you made a splendid choice in changing careers, it clearly appears that real estate is your calling. And, I must say, your ad is just lovely young lady. You won our hearts with the verse from Matthew, but you won our gold (nomination) with your line from heaven, “Everything we touch turns to SOLD”. Amen and Alleluia!

The Buckster

Bus 009Ah Buck, we are just so dang proud of you. It’s just brings us to tears (happiness of course) seeing you sit there on your bench as if you were showing off your prized 6-point buck. Hey … wait a minute, 6-point Buck — Buck? Nah, that’s just to easy.

Anyway, let’s get to the creative: WOW, cool mock-plate man! But, what I really liked about this ad is that you refrained from any “selling” and stuck with what clearly gets the phone ringing — your name! I mean, why do an ad if all you’re going to do is sell? It’s all about branding for the buckster. In fact, over here we like to call him, “The Bucking Brander”, and he just gets tickled every time we say it. Hey Buck (Ha!) check out those bushes behind your bench, we’ve hid an envelope with your silver nomination.