The Buckster

Bus 009Ah Buck, we are just so dang proud of you. It’s just brings us to tears (happiness of course) seeing you sit there on your bench as if you were showing off your prized 6-point buck. Hey … wait a minute, 6-point Buck — Buck? Nah, that’s just to easy.

Anyway, let’s get to the creative: WOW, cool mock-plate man! But, what I really liked about this ad is that you refrained from any “selling” and stuck with what clearly gets the phone ringing — your name! I mean, why do an ad if all you’re going to do is sell? It’s all about branding for the buckster. In fact, over here we like to call him, “The Bucking Brander”, and he just gets tickled every time we say it. Hey Buck (Ha!) check out those bushes behind your bench, we’ve hid an envelope with your silver nomination.

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