Poker Face

Jack-Ouellette1-390x281Hey Jack, comfy? Man, you look good propped up there on that premium hand. But, how in the world did you manage to sit still long enough to get this shot (which is money by the way!) with that jack up your crack? OUCH!

Oh, I just got it, Jack is your name. Ah ha! Very clever my man. But wait, what if that new young gun named Ace, with his skin tight Hollister shirt, comes along and poses on 4 of a kind? Logically speaking, going with Ace would be less of a gamble than going with Jack, right? It’s a shame your name wasn’t Royal, than you’d have the nuts.

Regardless, the message is clear and the statement is strong. To put this in terms you’ll understand: we just went all in with our gold nomination, you called and won with the best hand. Good luck, it was nice playing with you!

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