The Guy’s Guy

mm-realestateNo no Mark, you’re the man! In fact, I’m just dying to give you a fist bump explosion. Since I can’t, let me just give you a little shout out: MM IS IN THE HOUSE!

Yeah folks, let me tell ya, everyone in the office loves Double M. From the moment he rolls in, he’s giving Johnny boy the 1,2 punch on the shoulder, Mary gets the slap on the rear, the Tomster gets the “Top Gun” high five, low five and Schmitz gets the chest bump. Am I jealous? Yeah, of course I am. I’d love to be called D-man and start my day with a double high-five from Marky Mark. But, I was dealt a different hand, and I’m dealing with that. Meanwhile, I have the good fortune of witnessing Mark’s other talent — copywriting and ad design.

His latest creation is this two-tone masterpiece. He lures you in with his opening statement, “Put a working man to work for you!”, but he endears you to him with his charming, yet highly-seductive profile shot. We love it Mark! Enjoy your Platinum nomination, or as you may put it, P-money nomination. Damn you’re cool!

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