Endless Love

elainemarak… And, YES
You’ll be the only one
‘Cause NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And I’ll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

OK, the mood is set. Now, please close your eyes for a moment (yeah, don’t make this complicated, just let someone else read it to you) and imagine you’re driving down central avenue, windows are down (because the a/c is busted and it’s 93 degrees), the wind is blowing ever-so-violently through your hair and the kids are screaming in the back seat. As you screech to a sudden stop at the fourth stop light you’ve missed in four blocks you notice a twinkling, glittery SOLD sign from the corner of your eye. Elaine Marak has done it again! She’s managed to wash away your troubles and get a “few” plugs in, while she’s at it. That’s our Elaine, she’s a real people pleaser. You want the time, she’s got it. How ‘bout the temperature — of course. Website, phone number, testimonials, picture … it’s all there for you on the corner of central and heaven avenue. And, if you can’t take it all in the first time you see it? No worries, just loop back around and read it again.

Yes indeed, Elaine is on her game. Mrs. Marak, it’s time to feather your hair, put on your gown and join us at the gold nomination banquet.


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9 thoughts on “Endless Love

  1. Dana . . . you A-HOLE! Elaine’s “Time To Sell” is a bogus, bogus, bogus billboard.


    Hmmm . . . that’s NOT a clock above her pretty little head. It’s a thermometer!

    It’s “Temp to Sell” . . .

    Can we say “truth in advertising” boys and girls?!?

  2. Good catch my dear. Unfortunately, what I can’t show you with this static image is … wait for it … it rotates between time and temp. BAM! She has it all, and for that, we can all be jealous.

  3. Sounds like slugger time is jealous – so what if it is 75lbs ago or 75 years ago she’s still the most awesome agent in the area and anyone that says anything negative is either jealous or probably someone who got “cut” from her office and team and now realizes how stupid they are – there is no place better to be an no one better to hire than Elaine and Elaine Marak Properties!!! Yeahhhh Baby Yeahhhhhhhh!

  4. Here we are several years later and Elaine Marak is still the best in the business as far as I am concerned. Everyone in our area (League City, TX) apparently agrees. She sells more than anyone. Everyone I talk to says she’s great and we just sold our second house with Elaine. So, there you go. Anyone complaining is apparently a jealous agent in disguise.

  5. Interesting all the haters, can’t really say anything worthwhile other than to attack her sign, weight, success. Sounds like a bunch of bitchy jealous unemployed hatin’ housewives and REAL-A-TARD wanna-be complainers to me. Do something else with your life and leave the successful people alone – you’re nothing but a bother and joke.

  6. Still going strong, we just sold our third home with Elaine Marak. Others try to copy and imitate her but she is still the best in the League City area. You see her signs everywhere and they always say “SOLD”!. Anyone would be an idiot not to use her if you live in the area. IMHO.

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