Curious Foursome

curious-sceneAccompanying this (sexy) ad was a small leaflet that contained the following message:

Attractive foursome seeking a fifth wheel. We’d like someone curious, between the ages of 25–26. Must be willing to participate in nude buyer/seller role play, nude condo showings, nude closings and the occasional game of “what does yours look like?”.

Obviously I’m joking people, come on. There was no leaflet — I made that up. I’m jealous, alright? I mean, I’m in advertising, why can’t I come up with this stuff? I guess that’s why realtors are the stars of this show.

But look, some may say that desperate times call for desperate measures. But, this is not one of those times. Do you see any desperation in those adorable faces? No. This was a well thought-out, flawlessly-executed advertising strategy seasoned with some sandwich action. GENIUS! Let’s face it, sex sells. And, what says sex more than two guys looking more than pleased with each other? If we had the answer people, we’d be on the other side of the “Curious?” sign. Platinum nomination for all of you, coated with a special spermicide — just in case.

A big thank you goes out to Vancouver Condo Info for this free peep show.

5 thoughts on “Curious Foursome

  1. I’m jealous too. Why didn’t I think of that? and if I did, do I have any clients who would LET ME do that! very cool.

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