The BIG Conspiracy

1778732183_1341e2697d_bI don’t know about you, but ever since the 1984 box office smash hit, Starman, I scream like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert whenever I see Jeff Bridges on the big screen. Throw Rosanne Barr’s lackey on-camera husband (yes, the one and only John Goodman) into the mix and you’ve got yourself one star-studded line-up for a movie. That was precisely what the Coen brothers had in mind when they chose the cast for their comedic classic, “The Big Lebowski”. However, what they didn’t foresee was that a gentleman by the name of Cary Libowsky had already coined the term long before their 1998 debut. Or … did they know? You see, as legend has it, a friend of a sister to the nanny of Ethan Coen’s best friend’s ex-brother-in-law (who apparently never lies), says that Joel Coen was spotted with Cary Libowsky’s business card during post-production of the film. Sounds SUSPECT!

Sources close to the “Real” Big Libowsky have reported that Cary has his good days, but has yet to forgive the writing duo. As we see it, Cary’s the real deal and we’ll endorse his version of the story any day of the week. As for the Coen brothers … well, they know what they did. (Hey C-bros, between the three of us, switching the “i” to an “e” and “y” to an “i” in the name was brilliant! Cary doesn’t stand a chance in court.) Anyway, we know it’s not an Academy Award, but we hope Cary can find some peace with a BIG Silver nomination.

Thank you once again to Andrea Ness for another wonderful submission.

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