Rich the Recording Artist

Call me old fashion, but when it comes advertising, nothing beats a freshly-painted pun on a bus bench, grossly-enlarged portraits on a billboard and the “Screw it, it’s already at the printer” typos on the printed page. So, needless to say, when Rich Fravel (yes, the Rich from “Rich the Realtor” fame) sent me his YouTube video, I was less than enthused. Against my better judgment, I gave in and hit the play button. With my preconceived judgment meter already set to lame, it was going to take a minor miracle to get me stimulated. I must admit, as soon as I heard those drum sticks clapping together, I knew I was in for a treat.

This catchy little tune with it’s psychedelic backdrop had me not only tapping my toes, but also simultaneously reaching for my hookah pipe and bag of ganja (the medicinal kind of course). After Rich and his record label (no one could have pulled this off as an independent) had me whistling the chorus all afternoon, I couldn’t help but find myself at iTunes looking for additional tracks. Much to my surprise, it looks like he is in fact an Indy artist (appearing to make money as a real-estate agent on the side) and has yet to sign with a major label (Sony, Warner, Universal? You catching what I’m throwing at you?). That said, it appears that with his Vespa, sporty shades and magic lock-box, Rich is doing just fine on his own. And, just to make life a little bit sweeter, we’ll be presenting him with a Platinum nomination at the 2010 VMA’s. DEE-lux!


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3 thoughts on “Rich the Recording Artist

  1. Since it was ONLY 57 seconds, I could afford it — and I’m so glad I didn’t give up an ENTIRE minute of my life to watch this!

    Did he say “Rich the Realtor?” Hmmm can we say, NAR violation of trademark? You should have a Wall of Shame for the Realtor(r) violations alone!

    Max Headroom is rolling over in his cube.

  2. Karla, I’m certain that the money he’s made off this song will more than cover any legal expenses. The bigger concern for Rich is how to make his next song even better than this smash hit.

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