Yo Adrian – Buy this damn house.

1112dubongiantAnd in this corner, weighing in at a smooth 15 cribs sold per year, from deep in the projects of Queens, New York – the one – the only – David “The Ultimate Realtor” Dubon! The crowd is on their feet!

The crowd settles down and the fight begins. Round 1: Look at David work that phone, there’s a reason why he remains undefeated. He’s coming in for his first move … ouch … he threw the “If Size Matters … Then Look No Further”, that’s going to sting. Here he comes again, this time with “Knock-out Service and Results”. He’s relentless. Folks, this could be the win — “MTV Cribs comes to Queens” … K.O..

Ladies and Gentleman, by knock-out in the first round, the yet to be defeated and first-time gold Real”ad”tor nominated champion, David “The Ultimate Realtor” Dubon.


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5 thoughts on “Yo Adrian – Buy this damn house.

  1. Nevermind the houses he sells, I want him to put me in . . .

    . . . touch with his dealer!! OMIGOSH they must be very good medications.

    And lookie there — his gloves matches his tie!

    His new tagline should be: “There’s a BOXER in the house!”

  2. Is anyone buying this BS?? Has this guy ever heard of a little something called copyright infringement? Where in the ad does it say that he has permission from VIACOM, the owner of the MTV network, to use the show MTV Cribs in his advertising? Perhaps I should alert the FCC of this person’s activities? Also, the UFC should come after this schmuck as well for a poor use of MMA slogans and materials in his advertising. This bozo looks like a cross between The Fly and a much older, washed up desperate Sylvester Stallone except this guy’s eyes are bugged out like Gonzo the muppet! Why would I want a steroid filled, ignorant idiot to sell me my house? Come on, what is it, buy my house or I’ll knock you out? Puh’leeze! Whatever happened to the good old fashioned family slogans that emphasized the purchase of a home as the first of many milestones in building and raising a family? Maybe he is one of those men who makes babies and then doesn’t take care of them and that’s why he is a 40 something year old making a desperate and foolish attempt at an MMA career? I happen to be trained in Women’s MMA and I would love to take this guy on in an Octagon 3 round match UFC style… he wouldn’t last with me for 30 seconds!!! His veins would probably explode from all the stroid use… after I knock him out of course… who knows maybe his bugged out eyes would sink back in to their normal position?! Maybe before you guys start crowning “Ultimate Realtors”, you should do some research on your nominees… this guy has a lot of skeletons in his closet!

    1. Thank you to whoever said this. I know him personally and he’s just as much of a dumbass as he seems. What you see is what you get, and I’ve watched him work out (he thinks he’s intimidating) trust me you can take him. Lol, and id love to watch!

    2. Yes he does. you should have seem the fake ass boxing ring he set up in his back yard. He trains old fat women. Lmfao.

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