Bend Over Rover, Let Jeff Hughes Take Over

8673When Jeff Hughes says drop your … price, people say, “How much”. Why? Because Jeff has his finger(s) on the pulse of … well, everything! In fact, it appears that Dr. Feelgood has fingured (or, I mean figured) out the single most motivating factor in choosing a real estate agent — pain. Just looking at his ad makes me clench my cheeks so tight that I could crush granite with my sphincter.

But, to fully understand this ad, you first need to understand the story.

Although it appears that Mr. Hughes has a knack for Keister stabbing humor, he never intended for the ad to be funny. In fact, the original campaign was slated to run as a PSA. You see, several years ago, Jeff found himself in search of his very first home. As a naive first-time homebuyer, he’d recklessly visit open houses ALONE, without any knowledge of the neighborhood, market values, etc (hang-on, it gets worse). On one such occasion, the unspeakable occurred. As I understand it, Jeff was minding his own business, evaluating a property as usual. As he was on his hands and knees inspecting the levelness of the hardwood floors, he heard the sound of blue shoe covers shuffling close behind him. Before he could turn around to get a good look of the Century 21 culprit … BANG! Things went dark. Needless to say, Jeff felt an undesirable pressure to buy the home. Although his memories are vague, images of that terrifying encounter can only be found within his ads.

From that day forward, this sweetheart of a man has dedicated his life to making sure his message is heard (not felt).

We’re happy to see Keller Williams stand behind you (don’t bend over … only kidding) and your message Jeff. For your ad: it’s a gold nomination sealed with a kiss. For your courage: a pair of titanium superman undies. And, for your sanity: a Century 21 real estate agent voodoo doll, complete with blue shoe covers. Let him have it.


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3 thoughts on “Bend Over Rover, Let Jeff Hughes Take Over

  1. OMIGOSH — this is great! I laughed till I . . . laughed some more! Don’t you think Jeff should change his name to BOB (Bend over Bi**ch)

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