The Village People

2003-02-11_BillboardAnd, Carol, Anthony & Bob, we welcome you to … The Real”ad”tor top 10. Bravo!

I’m curious, how did such an eclectic group of individuals can come together and not only agree on an overall concept, but more importantly share an equally brilliant vision of how the ad appeared? Clearly this is a group dynamic that we can only aspire to achieve.

Although it’s obvious that Carol is the “looker” of the group, I’m torn on which East Villager I find the most appealing. 21st century Bob, with his unusual artifact and fashionable ensemble or the inviting image of Anthony, comfortably propped up on his remarkably realistic sold sign. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide, this platinum nomination goes to the team.

You guys are amongst only a few. It should be illegal to be that good.


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7 thoughts on “The Village People

  1. I just read that a Turk guy was the tallest man in the world . . . at 8’1″ of ALL turkey meat!! But Anthony is WAY taller, don’t you think? He’s towering over that big yard post sign!! So my pick on who I want to MEAT, err . . . I mean meet is clearly the tall, dark and handsome man in the middle!

    P.S. The Village People is much better than the Village Idiots!

  2. WOW — this is another brilliant observation, almost a month after seeing this award.

    Do I see a blue ARROW going through the Bear? In from the mouth, and blowing out his arse??

    The bear’s official name: Bear Blows Four Winds (in one!)


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