Turn Your Frown Upside Down

14346941ad_iI’ll level with you folks, with a lack of solid submissions lately, I was almost beginning to believe that the economy finally had its way with real”ad”tor hopefuls. Of course, it’s without saying, I was deeply saddened by the thought of them upgrading to that next level of careers — insurance, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. Just as I was ready to give up hope, Toni blessed me with a reason to hang-on.

Her formula was simple: Item – Modify – Picture – Rotate = 180. Done! This upside-down visual piece of trickery is what we call the sleeping bat technique. At first glance it goes virtually unnoticed, than, all of a sudden you see it, and it scares the bejesus out of you.

For the record Toni, you — and her little right-side up Remax ballon — scare me. But, you renewed my faith and for that, you get gold.


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8 thoughts on “Turn Your Frown Upside Down

  1. I’m surprised she didn’t stand in front of a house too, and say “Upside down on your mortgage?”

    Will you excuse me for a moment? . . . BARF . . .

  2. You are excused Mrs. Karla. Rinse with baking soda and come back for a second look.

    It helps to get that first yak out of your system, it’s just dry heaves from there on out.

  3. Not exactly Mr. Kansas City Broker. You see, advertising needs to do several things to be considered effective. I mean, a big pile of poop on the sidewalk catches my eye, but I really wouldn’t consider that advertising. You know? Grabbing someone’s attention is just a small component of advertising, and quite frankly, it’s the easy part.

    Convincing someone to respond according to your desired outcome is the true goal of advertising.

  4. Wow, didn’t realize I’d “won” an award two years ago for this advertising in our yellow pages. Thanks so much. It must be delayed in the mail. You’re right Kansas City Broker, It did actually have several customers mention the ad when they called me for my services. As to my successes with Re/Max, I am in Newfoundland Canada, and our market is still great here, and I am making the Re/Max 100% Club consistently, usually with over 50 transactions each year, on my own.. Fortunately our market did not take the terrible downslide as in the US. Best of luck… I’ll be waiting for that trophy.

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