la Famiglia

2003-04-11_BillboardSee! I knew it. This is exactly what I was talking about. I’m screwed.

Considering that I’m already destined to be buried in the middle of a corn field, outside a small Kansas City town, I might as well tell it like it is. Anthony … or Tony “the specialist” Napoli, as you’d probably prefer — your ad needs work. There, I said it.

The picture is dumb. The arrow is unnecessary. The hand-written font doesn’t make sense. Connected didn’t need to be in quotes (although, it’s further proves my theory). And, the gradient fade on your photo is lame.

Whew. That felt good.

Holla. Gotcha Tony, I was just messin’ with you. This is fantastic … really. And, just like everything else you touch, it’s gold. Give a shout out to the boys for me.

4 thoughts on “la Famiglia

  1. Dana, if you don’t post a Real-ad-tor award in the next week, I’ll be looking for you in said cornfields. Not to worry . . .

  2. Mentioning that the use of the ellipses doesn’t work and that the question mark should be inside the quotation marks would have come across like … “piling on”. I agree though. It’s flawless. Nice find.

  3. Mrs. Karla – My deepest apologies. We welcomed an 8lb 21 inch Real”ad”tor Award judge into the family this month. Needless to say, getting him up-to-speed, while simultaneously changing his diapers and feeding him has impacted the frequency of new nominations. Worry not, we’ll be back in full swing in no time.

    Norm – I was afraid I would have come across as rude. And remember, proper punctuation is purely a nuisance in the world of Real”ad”tors.

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