Money(less) Shot

Before Evaporation
After Evaporation

Oh no Wats! Dude. What happened? It’s just that I thought the three of you looked soooo happy together. I guess, as they say, all good things must come to an end. But, I hate to see it end like this.

I must say though, I do like your style. Someone crosses you and … POOF. They’re gone. Almost as if you’ve evaporated them into thin air. Just in case that’s not what happened, I do have one other theory. It’s possible that you traveled back in time and changed the course of history, thus eliminating the physical presence of the missing girl in this photo. It’s almost like it never happened. You know … like Marty’s family photo in Back to the Future.

Anyway, it’s all just speculation at this point. Only the three of you know what truly happened. Regardless, you’re still the man, “Class” is your middle name and you still retain the rights to the silver nomination. Life is good my friend. And remember, if you need a shoulder to cry on (because it looks like part of your shoulder was taken out by a pissed-off left breast), I’m here for you dog.


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4 thoughts on “Money(less) Shot

  1. Judging from the original body positions, this was destiny. The brunette did look like she had a little more class tho. And I’m pretty sure this shot is taken behind a bus bench?

  2. Either way, the W Group’s class is so apparent. They actually WANT to take a photo of themselves and their bus bench ad?!? The brunette is so lucky . . . so very, very lucky.

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