Things are just plain Wacko in Calgary

Things are just plain Wacko in Calgary
You’d be crazy not to use her

If you think prices in Calgary, Alberta are insane then you would be crazy not to use Wendy Wacko of Royal LePage Foothills Realty. Getting through all the deal paperwork can make you go nuts and having a trusted Realtor advisor clears the mind like only electric shock therapy can.

You’ll be delirious with the fruity maniacal laughter of success when Wendy gets you the nutty as a fruitcake deal you’ve been looking for. I can not emphasize enough that you would be of unsound mind after comparing to not use Wendy Wacko. No screwball moves here just an agent able to get you bonkers deals in Real Estate in the Calgary area.

Gold Nomination for Best Name in Real Estate 2013, watch out Rich Wanket!

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Moist Realtors – TMI ?

Moist Realtors - TMI?
Moist Realtors of Yucaipa California

Some may think this Web Site is very TMI but the sexy lady Realtors, and yes all ten of them are ladies, do not think so.  Here in Yucaipa Cailfornia the dry climate makes one thirsty for a good agent. Agents with a dry sense of humour need not apply, you need to be dripping with dew and beaming with a post climatic glow to work for Team Moist.  In order to penetrate the Yucaipa market one must be well lubricated with  local real estate knowledge and ready to do the deed transfer at any moment.

We just can’t make this stuff up, and why would we?  Once again Sex Sells and I know they will be vibrating with excitement  over at Moist Realtors with this Gold Nomination for Branding Excellence and we’ll oil it up for  them.

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