Vroom vroom! Brent Roberts drives a Lamborghini Gallardo

Look how much money I make!  -Brent Roberts
Look how much money I make! -Brent Roberts

Well success is due to hard work and serving your clients interests ahead of your own and no one knows that better then Brent Roberts of Royal Lepage Realty in Surrey British Columbia.  As this actual photo from the Multiple Listing Service listing of a client’s property shows, Brent has hired a professional photographer to capture the essence of his listing and to make this townhome look like a million bucks.

How do you make a $299,000 list price townhouse look like a potential dwelling for the rich and famous you ask? Well my friend you park your REALTOR® branded trophy Lamborghini Gallardo in front of it and you put that photo in your client’s listing that’s how.

Congratulations Brent Roberts REALTOR® Gold Award for Photographic Excellence!

This is not a bad realtor ad or bad realtor advertising