A smile is worth …


When you stumble across an ad as well executed as this one, it’s easy to just start passing out platinum nominations. So in resisting our natural temptation, we took a step back and checked in with our resident Gelotology expert. And … as we had hoped, Chet’s legit! It turns out that we are all born with 18 different kinds of smiles, which we use in a variety of different situations. Who would’ve guessed it?

And, here’s another fun fact for you: smiling releases endorphins that make you feel better. We’re feeling pretty good Chet, and so should you. You just got yourself a shiny new platinum nomination and (drum roll please) a ½ hour session with the folks at Glamour Shots.

Chet, when have a moment, zip us over a snapshot of those pearly whites with your new nomination in hand.