dee_billboard_ubbwI don’t want to tip my hand too much here, but let’s just say that I’m now spelling dynamite with two consecutive “e’s” instead of the “y”.  I mean, c’mon, this girl has got it. Right out of the gate she hits us with “The DEEalmaker”. Closed circuit to Dee Young, nice touch with the capital E’s … just wanted to make sure we got it, huh?  Spot on, we love it!

For those that can’t quite make out the words in that fancy red box, let me help you absorb this little line of poetry: “Your Real Estate MarkeTEAM!” Bam — you got us Dee. But, getting us wasn’t her goal, no, no … she wanted to wow us. She did just that by pulling off the magic of white space. She strategically left justified everything, just so we could have the entire right third of the billboard to dream. What a selfless act of brilliance. Gold!