Century 21 ? Oh my my


Remember the Gold Jackets?  How about “We’re national but neighborly”?

Kiss away the $100’s of millions of advertising spent over decades establishing a brand that is synonymous with real estate in North America and all the popular culture references that reinforce this icon status, like in the Michael Keaton movie Betelgeuse for example.

Nope, in 2013 we are the outfit that handles your home like the toxic waste that it is and we admit we don’t need to be very bright to do it.  We are here to insult your intelligence by juxtaposing a physicist for a Realtor and completely changing our color scheme to further distance ourselves from our past success.  Even Hollywood B movie directors would give second thought to portraying Plutonium with a green glowing fluorescent light tube but Century 21 has. Sit back and relax as the Plan 9 from Outer Space realtors of Century 21 treat your home like the level 5 biohazard that it truly is, yellow caution tape and all. This is not a bad realtor ad or bad realtor advertising

Platinum Nomination for Brand Destruction

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A Not-So-Great Moment in Real-Estate Advertising

A break in the action, compliments of Adage.com:

If you were fortunate enough to catch an episode of the extremely entertaining (hehe) Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing,” you should have a general sense for the stereotypical image that Hollywood has established for real-estate agents in the City of Angels. If you buy into the hype (like I do), then you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised when you see this billboard for one of L.A.’s finest, Peter Klaven … Read More