Premier Talent

946236Hey Norma! Quick, look over here. SNAP! HA. Gotcha on the phone!

Man, you guys are too much, we are all in hysterics over here just envisioning the photo shoot that day in Norma’s office. Laughter aside, when it comes to copywriting and art direction, Norma and her team are as good as it gets. From the classic faux photo corners to the subtle red bullet separating Residential from Commercial, their creative eye is superb! Norma’s not the least bit narcissistic either. A glaring example of her goodwill was the extremely classy shout-out to her entire team of associates. Well done Mrs. Rhodes! Their tagline pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly: Recognized … Check. Respected … Check. Recommended … Already twice today — check. Gold Nomination … On it’s way — Check.