Underwater World

ar11993054511606I guess that it’s time to point out that outstanding real estate creative doesn’t always have to come in the form of billboards and bus benches. Take Liz here for example: While on her trip to Maui, she suddenly had a stroke of brilliance. “Captain, turn this boat around, I need to go back to the hotel and grab my sign.” (Thank god you packed it Liz, good thinking.) You see, as Liz was peering over the edge of the speeding boat it suddenly dawned on her, “What if I could visually represent the sale of the biggest piece of real estate on the planet — the Ocean!” Clearly the concept worked, hook, line and sinker Liz. Bravo! Once you get back to shore and pat yourself dry with your shammy, go check with the front desk, there’s a special water-proof gold nomination waiting for you!