The Mavericks of Real Estate Need Your Vote

Adage. Article. Break. You know the drill.

1748986As we approach the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s election into office, it’s hard to forget the endless array of TV, radio, internet and social-media campaigns that catapulted him to popularity. In reminiscing, I couldn’t help but wonder whatever happened to the president’s dream-team of marketing experts. Where were they know? Fortunately, I didn’t have to wonder very long. Read More

Real-Estate Advertising Stoops to New Low

Mini-V Needs a New Agent, and D.R. Horton Needs a New Agency

drhortonTake a break and enjoy some Ad Age:

Oh, Verne, how have you gotten here? We couldn’t get enough of you as Mini-Me. We laughed and cried with you in “The Surreal Life.” And we were glued to your every wince in your infamous sex tape. So where did things go wrong? … Read More

How the (Mid)west was Won

Another installment:


Howdy folks! Do you recognize this herd of law protecting gunslingers? I’ll give you a little hint. They don’t headline in Branson, Missouri and they weren’t extras in Blazing Saddles (although they display the same knack for humor as Mel Brooks). Give up? Please give up, cause I’m just dying to give you the answer.  Read More

A Not-So-Great Moment in Real-Estate Advertising

A break in the action, compliments of

If you were fortunate enough to catch an episode of the extremely entertaining (hehe) Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing,” you should have a general sense for the stereotypical image that Hollywood has established for real-estate agents in the City of Angels. If you buy into the hype (like I do), then you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised when you see this billboard for one of L.A.’s finest, Peter Klaven … Read More

Want Real-Estate Success? Forget Houses, Go With Headshots

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If you haven’t already noticed, the advertising industry is in what the economists are calling a “bit of a recession.” I don’t know much about that. But, what I do know is that if you’ve been following my posts about real-estate agent advertising, you’ll have gathered that these people are pioneers in the ad world.

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The Doctor Will Be Right With You

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Paging Doctor Grahn, Doctor Grahn, you and your cane are needed at the Fox headquarters. STAT! Apparently they have a show called “House M.D.” that appears to be some sort of spin-off of your show, “The House Doctor.”    Read More

Thanks goes out to Carla Muss-Jacobs for alerting us to this apparent celebrity.

Twitter Is a Realtor’s World, We Just Tweet in It

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Earlier this month, Marissa Miley rocked the world of real estate with her eye-opening piece on real-estate companies using the web to promote their business. As someone who “just can’t let go” of print, I found myself in tears by the end of her article, simply by the mere thought of my beloved real-estate advertisers moving away from bus benches and billboards. Rather than curling up in the fetal position and crying myself to sleep, I’ve decided to give this web thing a look-see and explore what real-estate pros are doing on Twitter. Below are just a few of my observations: