Big Announcement! And, Good Deed For The Day

Alright, just a couple quick pieces of house cleaning:

First, we get that not everyone has what it takes to develop a righteous real estate ad, and that’s ok. That’s why we’ve decided to reduce the cost of entry (so-to-speak). Alright, big announcement time, where the hell is “Rich the Realtor” with those clapping drumsticks? Anyway … we’re happy to announce that we are nowbcard accepting business card submissions for an all new category of awards. Details are still a bit fuzzy, but, what I can tell you is that we expect an extremely high level of creativity. Please see our lovely Orlando princess to get an idea of what we consider acceptable. BTW: Although she’s able to stand on calm waters without breaking a sweat, Jennifer is terrified of making eye contact with the flash of the camera. (JENNIFER! CLICK, CLICK … Sorry, I’m only playing with you). The team of Real”ad”tor judges are standing by, so send them, NOW.

One last item to cover before we skedaddle. While rummaging through some old files this week, we came JOETTA RUSSO - VIRGINIA COOK REALTORSacross an ad with an exorbitant amount of potential. Rather than write Mrs. Russo off, we thought we spit out a few quick suggestions and see if she has the goods to be an All-American Real”ad”tor. After all, these are our goals, and as she states, they’re now her priorities. We’re going to go quick dear, so you may want to take abbreviated notes:

  • Maybe try a hint of gray, just to add some contrast.
  • Consider incorporating a poodle into your photo.
  • Quadruple the point size of your accomplishments. In fact, to make more room for your achievements, you may want to let your hair down.
  • You need a pun. Try this one on for size: “Call me when your up Pit(man) Creek”. That one’s free. Run with it.
  • And finally … try tinted lenses. It would just look cool!

Good luck and Godspeed.

Rich the Recording Artist

Call me old fashion, but when it comes advertising, nothing beats a freshly-painted pun on a bus bench, grossly-enlarged portraits on a billboard and the “Screw it, it’s already at the printer” typos on the printed page. So, needless to say, when Rich Fravel (yes, the Rich from “Rich the Realtor” fame) sent me his YouTube video, I was less than enthused. Against my better judgment, I gave in and hit the play button. With my preconceived judgment meter already set to lame, it was going to take a minor miracle to get me stimulated. I must admit, as soon as I heard those drum sticks clapping together, I knew I was in for a treat.

This catchy little tune with it’s psychedelic backdrop had me not only tapping my toes, but also simultaneously reaching for my hookah pipe and bag of ganja (the medicinal kind of course). After Rich and his record label (no one could have pulled this off as an independent) had me whistling the chorus all afternoon, I couldn’t help but find myself at iTunes looking for additional tracks. Much to my surprise, it looks like he is in fact an Indy artist (appearing to make money as a real-estate agent on the side) and has yet to sign with a major label (Sony, Warner, Universal? You catching what I’m throwing at you?). That said, it appears that with his Vespa, sporty shades and magic lock-box, Rich is doing just fine on his own. And, just to make life a little bit sweeter, we’ll be presenting him with a Platinum nomination at the 2010 VMA’s. DEE-lux!


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