Century 21 ? Oh my my


Remember the Gold Jackets?  How about “We’re national but neighborly”?

Kiss away the $100’s of millions of advertising spent over decades establishing a brand that is synonymous with real estate in North America and all the popular culture references that reinforce this icon status, like in the Michael Keaton movie Betelgeuse for example.

Nope, in 2013 we are the outfit that handles your home like the toxic waste that it is and we admit we don’t need to be very bright to do it.  We are here to insult your intelligence by juxtaposing a physicist for a Realtor and completely changing our color scheme to further distance ourselves from our past success.  Even Hollywood B movie directors would give second thought to portraying Plutonium with a green glowing fluorescent light tube but Century 21 has. Sit back and relax as the Plan 9 from Outer Space realtors of Century 21 treat your home like the level 5 biohazard that it truly is, yellow caution tape and all. This is not a bad realtor ad or bad realtor advertising

Platinum Nomination for Brand Destruction

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Punch Drunk

Do you know what’s better than being witness to a man and his loving wife reviewing some documents of extreme importance? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. The fact that we are able to witness this moment of marital bliss in a print ad is simply breathtaking.

Wait, there’s so much more. The gifts. They just keep on coming.

Punch. Not Steve. Not John, or Albert, or Farnsworth. Punch. I think Rod Stewart said it best, “Some guys have all the luck”. And just what do you do when you’re blessed with parents who have such incredible taste in names? You honor them by purchasing a personalized phone number. 416.PUNCH.ME. Don’t mind if I do. Where does the line begin my friend? I hate you for being perfect Punch.

And, because perfection just isn’t good enough for these two, Punch, and the lovely Missis, decided to rub a little salt in the wound by displaying what appears to be two Emmy’s. The son’s of bitches.

Well, I hate to do it, but I must. I’m FedExing a platinum nomination for the two of you to review and sign. Yet another trophy to add to your collection. Yippee.

Let’s all thank Jason Allen for sending us this little reminder of just how much the rest of us suck.


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Bend Over Rover, Let Jeff Hughes Take Over

8673When Jeff Hughes says drop your … price, people say, “How much”. Why? Because Jeff has his finger(s) on the pulse of … well, everything! In fact, it appears that Dr. Feelgood has fingured (or, I mean figured) out the single most motivating factor in choosing a real estate agent — pain. Just looking at his ad makes me clench my cheeks so tight that I could crush granite with my sphincter.

But, to fully understand this ad, you first need to understand the story.

Although it appears that Mr. Hughes has a knack for Keister stabbing humor, he never intended for the ad to be funny. In fact, the original campaign was slated to run as a PSA. You see, several years ago, Jeff found himself in search of his very first home. As a naive first-time homebuyer, he’d recklessly visit open houses ALONE, without any knowledge of the neighborhood, market values, etc (hang-on, it gets worse). On one such occasion, the unspeakable occurred. As I understand it, Jeff was minding his own business, evaluating a property as usual. As he was on his hands and knees inspecting the levelness of the hardwood floors, he heard the sound of blue shoe covers shuffling close behind him. Before he could turn around to get a good look of the Century 21 culprit … BANG! Things went dark. Needless to say, Jeff felt an undesirable pressure to buy the home. Although his memories are vague, images of that terrifying encounter can only be found within his ads.

From that day forward, this sweetheart of a man has dedicated his life to making sure his message is heard (not felt).

We’re happy to see Keller Williams stand behind you (don’t bend over … only kidding) and your message Jeff. For your ad: it’s a gold nomination sealed with a kiss. For your courage: a pair of titanium superman undies. And, for your sanity: a Century 21 real estate agent voodoo doll, complete with blue shoe covers. Let him have it.


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Mystery Solved

22So here’s the sitch: You’ve been scanning the daily listings for that perfect home and nothing seems to catch your stubborn eye. Out of the blue, you get an email from a random real estate agent (which clearly he got from some sneaky backdoor questionnaire). Regardless, you’re not upset by the blatant misuse of your email address because he just sent you the home you’ve been building with Lincoln Logs since you were only 5 years old. So, first thing the following day, you and the fam jump in the car to do a quick drive-by. Only, when you get the “supposed” address, the home is nowhere to be found. WHAT? Quite the pickle I’d say. If I were you, I’d call Century 21’s one and only … wait for it … Sherlock Homes (Get it? They’re so silly). But, this vice squad of investigative agents are legit, they’ll solve any real estate mystery you encounter (with magnifying glass in hand) . It’s about time!Picture 2

So, how do you promote such a unique service? You do what any good Real”ad”tor award winner would do — you “borrow” some familiar imagery and viola — it’s gold. And, if that’s not enough for you, you ask your child to dress up like your mascot and take bring him in for a photo shoot. Warning though, he’ll more than likely have to fend off the droves of ladies going gaga over his celebrity. Small price to pay for a coveted gold nomination.

Mystery solved Karla Mink, thanks for the submission.


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The Jolly Green Jacket

0 AD PIC Slideshow KENT No1Shwuzzzzzzup Mr. Shuswap!

Holy She-moly Kent, this ad is awesome! Where do I even begin? Let’s see, maybe I’ll start with the wardrobe. I mean, wow, what a fashionista! I just can’t get over the impeccable color coordination between the fancy header design and your green sport coat/trouser ensemble. You make this stuff look easy.

Next up, the stunning motion effect. And, let me be the first to admit, you had me thinking you were actually running on the beach at an incredible pace. I guess the joke is on me. After running this ad by my good friend, an expert photo analyzer, I was set straight. Apparently this is some CGI, special effect for the sole purpose of illusion. All I can say is — WOW!

Last, but most certainly not least, is this 3Dish looking #1. First, let me say it’s awe-inspiring. With just the right size font and subtle use of a drop-shadow, you’ve managed to create yet another visual effect and make that number 1 pop off the page.

We’ve slipped a little something special (gold nomination) in that fashionable leather tote of yours. Stay on top my friend.

Thank you to Andrea Ness for the wonderful submission.

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Underwater World

ar11993054511606I guess that it’s time to point out that outstanding real estate creative doesn’t always have to come in the form of billboards and bus benches. Take Liz here for example: While on her trip to Maui, she suddenly had a stroke of brilliance. “Captain, turn this boat around, I need to go back to the hotel and grab my sign.” (Thank god you packed it Liz, good thinking.) You see, as Liz was peering over the edge of the speeding boat it suddenly dawned on her, “What if I could visually represent the sale of the biggest piece of real estate on the planet — the Ocean!” Clearly the concept worked, hook, line and sinker Liz. Bravo! Once you get back to shore and pat yourself dry with your shammy, go check with the front desk, there’s a special water-proof gold nomination waiting for you!


reginarealestateWhat if I told you that an entire office of Century 21 agents came together and developed a masterpiece? Impossible … right? Guess again my friend, the brain trust over at Conexus Reality has managed to get not one, not two, but 18 award winning realtors into just one page. WOW! And, the best part is: they did it their way. That’s right; forget every rule Ogilvy ever taught you about simple eye flow, because they’re reinventing the rules. As tempted as I am to give the whole group top prize, it’s only fair to highlight the stars of this show:

Francine Gross
Francine Gross

Francine Gross – The future looks bright my dear, that key you possess just unlocked a gold nomination. Bravo!

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert
Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert

Lan Johnston & Linden Gilbert – Genius & Genius. Silver & Silver. These guys figured out what the rest of us have been struggling with for years. Here it goes: All you need to be successful in this business is a name. Not that you need them guys, but two silver nominations are on their way.

Terry Hincks – “Come, Lord Terry, be our guest, and let thy house to us be blessed.” Amen Terry, we feel the power. Your gold nomination is in the offering dish.

Terry Hincks
Terry Hincks

And, we’ve saved the best for last.
Mr. Stew Fettes, you define success! Not only have you stolen the spotlight with your oversized 1/3-page magnum opus, but you also knew just the right words to highlight in red: “Give Stew a call”. Smart Stew, very smart! Someone got an “A” in color theory. If we could give you in “A” we would, the best we can do is a Platinum nomination. Now go get that #3 in Canada spot Stew!

Mr. Stew Fettes